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Artrageous in San Diego

September 28, 2011 / Events

Street art to benefit the Boys & Girls Club of America? Yes plz! Aaron Brothers hosted a slew of “Artrageous” art shows across the US, teaming up with Vitamin Water and Kidrobot to bring some serious heavyweights of the graffiti world to our backyard, taggin’ walls and custom vinyl for the masses to raise money for the super awesome Club. Luckily San Diego was on their radar and we headed over there to check out the artists on hand.


REVOK, WANE, CES, RISK, and SEVER totally killed it with some huge pieces (see the pictures here) and then stuck around to tag tees, black books, Dunnys, or whatever people happened to have on hand. Montana Cans (the crème de la crème of graffiti spray paint) was running a special, so we snagged a few cans to try our hand at the spray station outside with the new Crescent Graffiti Paper, which is actual paper that won’t warp or tear when sprayed on. RAD!!! Everything about this event screamed AWESOME, and the free swag bags were filled to the brim with wicked goods like sketchbooks, Kidrobot blind box FatCaps, and more.


Graffiti doesn’t have to just be vandalism, and at the end of the day kids were stoked, the Boys & Girls Club got some dough, and everyone walked away with some free stuff, prepared to attack the streets with art and creativity. We’re just jealous they thought of it first!