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Jason Schwartzman for PST
Image from Pacific Standard Time

Artweek LA + Pacific Standard Time

September 30, 2011 / Events

LA has always been a hot spot for art/fashion/music/culture, and they continue their reign as the hub with the hottest trends & shows with Artweek LA and a humongous collaboration across Southern California known as Pacific Standard Time, both kicking off this weekend. With over 60 participating galleries in PST and nationwide art powerhouses contributing to Artweek, the next few days in the City of Angels are sure to be explosive with creativity!

As much as we love visiting the church-like, white-walled galleries filled with high-heeled curators and hushed whispers (SNOOZEFEST), we here at Wheatpaste prefer things a bit… funkier. Jason Schwartzman (who is pretty much the coolest dude EVER) of Phantom Planet, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, The Darjeeling Limited, & more fame is part of the ad campaign, which means this perfect storm of art events is sure to be the hippest ticket in town over the next month. If you’re even close to LA, be sure to visit both sites for events happening all month long in complete celebration of the arts!