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Be Stylishly Hands-Free: iBlend Artist Series

September 25, 2011 / Celebrities, News

When I first loaded movies and TV shows onto my iPod, it was so I could be entertained while on the subway. But the sore neck from staring down at the screen in my lap (or the sore arms from holding it up) got old way fast. So when iBend released its stands, I snagged one. And now I can watch stuff hands-free on my iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. (Hey, so I like gadgets!) Anyway, check out the critical designs in the Artist Series, which include 12 custom graphics by Michael Bartalos, Vicki Wong (MEOMI), and Joshua Davis. Yes, they’ll cost you an extra $3 versus the black-and-white standards, but the compliments from jealous onlookers just roll in. And sometimes that’s worth the cost of a Redbull.