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Really, Who Doesn’t Want a Beard Scarf?

September 18, 2011 / Celebrities, News

Occasionally, I run across a site like modcloth or threadless – i.e., the kind of sites that could bleed me dry of money if I let them. Well, now I can add the U.K.’s Lazy Oaf to the list, because it has pop-graphic, print-focused, illustration-rich clothing, accessories, and stationery that I’m compelled to buy. Check out this “your face is nice” card or this sweatshirt that displays guts if the “pocket” is unzipped. And I’m guessing that people who don’t think this scarf is awesome probably have no personality. So although I feel a little bad that I’m introducing you to yet another place where you can blow your hard-earned cash, I really felt like it was my duty. I hope you’ll forgive me.