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October 21, 2011 / Celebrities, Events

Year 6 and still keeping Austin weird- Fun Fun Fun Fest has evolved from small town music gathering to one of the nation’s most killer festivals, with acts spanning anything and everything (heartthrobs serenading, headbangers screaming, plus a dash of indie just to keep things cool). Hipsters, ravers, punks, dance freaks, hardcore kids, hippies, and metalheads will descend into the Lone State on November 4-6 to sway to the rhythm of headliners Public Enemy, Spoon, Lykke Li, with supporting acts including Asobi Seksu (dreamy Japanese pop with a foxy frontlady), Paint It Black (Philadelphia punk), Murder City Devils (Seattle spookrock), Passion Pit (electropop spawed in New England), Wugazi (DC’s Fugazi meets Wu-Tang) and my personal favorite, the Sexy Sax Man himself – Sergio Flores. Between the gothic Gummo-esque mullet and squeaky leather pants, the internet sensation is sure to set off a festival-wide chain reaction of instant female salivation and total male envy. If you don’t believe us, just peep the below video (warning: Wheatpaste is not responsible for any sexy situations that viewers may or may not find themselves in after watching).

A playlist for the Songs We’d Most Like To Hear at FFF would be an entire volume, so we’ll just pick our top 3. Pretty pretty please play these, with sugar on top? We’ll be crowdsurfing hard, screaming like high school girls in Tokyo at a Hello Kitty release.

Best Coast – Boyfriend  (off the album Crazy For You)
Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Ffunny Ffriends (off the album Unknown Mortal Orchestra)
Lykke Li – Get Some (off the album Wounded Rhymes)

See ya at the FFFest!