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Miami Art Basel | Graffuturism & Montana Colors

November 16, 2011 / Artist At Work, Events, News, Uncategorized

Basically if you dig art and have any intention of pursuing it as a career, Miami Art Basel is the one-stop shop for you! Hailed as the biggest art show in the Americas, every year Miami gets overrun with gallery owners, art collectors, established painters, and newbies of the art world each hoping to discover or be discovered as the Next Big Thing. Luckily for us, we can bypass the snooty wine parties and tuxedoed auctions and stay in the streets with this year’s humongous mural exhibition sponsored by MTN Colors! “In Situ” is a series of murals that will be created in the Wynwood Art District at the Kohn Compound, and will feature artists such as Eric Haze,Mare 139West OnePoesiaAaron De la CruzKema, JurneSueme, Remi RoughGreg LamarcheShe OneRae Martini, LX OneMatt W. Moore, and Augustine Kofie. This ridiculously awesome exhibition is taking place December 1-4, and let’s face it – who DOESN’T want to winter in Miami and get to enjoy some dope art to boot?

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