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Ho Ho Hom Nom Nom!

November 30, 2011 / Uncategorized

Tis’ the season for food truckin’, and San Diego’s mobile food fleet can bring joy to even the Scroogiest of hearts (and mouths). Whether you crave a pierogi or pasta, a food truck that fits the bill is ready to cater to your wildest whim!  Personally, as a dedicated carnivore I understand that the need for some amazing BBQ can strike at any moment (and God help us if there’s not a pulled pork joint to be found). Luckily, Super Q keeps it rolling with some righteous grub, and with fingers dripping the sweet nectar of smoked meats, we snagged the opportunity to snap some pics with a little help from Invisible Creature. Rad art + unbelievable sandwiches with FREAKING MAC N’ CHEESE IN THEM?! If BBQ isn’t the reason for the season, then we don’t know what is. Support your local food truck brigade today!