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Spotlight: San Diego Graffiti

November 23, 2011 / Artist At Work, Events, News

As much as we’d like to make a snarky ‘Under Pressure‘ reference here, we’ll avoid the temptation. “Contents Under Pressure“, presented by San Diego graffiti group Writerz Blok in conjunction with the San Diego Museum of Art, is a 30 year retrospective of San Diego graffiti and hip hop photos (and sounds pretty awesome, if you ask us). The only thing it might need is some cowbell, but honestly that’s probably it. Better still, Writerz Blok is creating a mural to co-incide with the Museum’s exhibition of Mexican Modernist Painting, and you can peep some of the pics above to get a tasty preview of what’s going on in the classiest city in Southern California.

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