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Image by Penney Ratliff

Workers of Wheatpaste, Unite!

November 11, 2011 / Contests

Working at Wheatpaste has some major perks, up to and including dibs on rad art, sweet office contests, and constantly being surrounded by some of the most awesome art being created today. To sweeten the deal even more, we decided to hold the first Wheatpaste Employee Photo Contest to see who had the chops to grab their Polaroids or DSLRs and snap some pics for a chance to get featured on our site! Only rules were there are no rules – creativity is all we need. All the entries were pretty freakin’ radical, but we only had one Creative Mystery Prize to give away (it wouldn’t be nice to make you too jealous, so Mystery Prize it shall remain!) and we are stoked to announce the winner as…

Customer Service Manager Penney Ratliff!

Her use of the “mini-poster” included on every Poster that Sticks is hilarious, so congrats! Besides, who can resist a skateboarding donkey? She knows just how to tug at our heartstrings…

The runner ups are Graphic Designer Colleen McGahey, Outreach Lead Beth Demmon Ivey, and Graphic Designer Raul Montoya. We wish we could show you all the entries, but we have to keep some secrets for future features, so enjoy the eye candy and get inspired! If you want to send us a room shot of your own Wheatpaste lair, email them to and you could end up on our site!