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December 28, 2011 / Events

Anybody that likes Buff Monster, Skinner, and quitting your day job is A-OK by us! Color Ink Book is a quarterly DIY art periodical chock full o’ goodness like interviews with Tharp, Ferris Plock, and Huck Gee, plus vinyl toys for sale, upcoming events, and other rad things to dazzle your peepers. Each issue is printed in black & white, so basically it’s the zine lover’s coloring book that they never knew they needed (but can’t live without).

Only 13 issues have hit the streets so far, but based on their following it’s sure to be around for a good long while, slingin’ low-brow art to the masses and keeping us hungry for more. Take a gander at their site and snag a hard copy to enjoy the full amazingness as soon as you can! The next Color Ink Book is due out in February, so subscribe today or forever (or at least until the next release) miss out.

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