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Synth Your Life : Casey Desmond & NYE 2012

December 31, 2011 / Music, Uncategorized

You can’t help but hit the dance floor when Casey Desmond pours from the speakers! Bostonian by day and rising pop icon by night, Desmond isn’t just another a Lady Gaga clone. She emulates the same neon galactic pop electro appeal, but brings a fresh face and voice to the dance scene. Her song Rendezvouz hits you like a disco ball punch to the face and her weirdness space-worship takes contemporary psychedelia to another planet!

The world was first electrified by Desmond during her time on The Voice, but her exit from the show was only the beginning of her trip-tastic career that’s still taking dance freaks by storm across the nation. Her New Year’s Eve event is promising to be one of the hottest dance spots on the East Coast, and knowing how Ivy-League-peacoat-wearing-crazy-driving Massachusetts works, it’s sure to be the glitteriest, laseriest, most spacetastic show in the area!

Check out Casey Desmond shake her stuff below! (Wheatpaste is not responsible for any involuntary dance moves that may occur during this video).

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