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Eat, Sleep, Design

January 9, 2012 / Uncategorized

We here at Wheatpaste aren’t just all spraypaint and pop music ; first and foremost we straight up eat, sleep, and breathe art (in any medium)!  If it happens to be creatively packaged design that leads to major om nom noming, well, then that’s even better. We want to give some shoutouts to rad designers who take wrappers, covers, and labels and whip ‘em into miraculous pieces of snazzy art. These wizards of branding are known as packaging designers and we just love them!

Some of the most radtastic art might already be in your kitchen or dorm room – who hasn’t picked up something at the checkout lane just because it looked awesome? Your shampoo, gum, and even milk have all gotten major makeovers to catch your fancy with solid design. Some of our personal faves include the Steampunk Playing Cards (melding science fiction with vintage games) and Johnny Cupcakes (where supporting your local bakery isn’t quite what you’d expect). What amazeballs packaging are you diggin’?

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