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Fruitsuper Design – Jewelry for the Bold

January 30, 2012 / Uncategorized

In today’s world of constant sensory overload, it’s pretty hard to grab someone’s attention without practically shaking their shoulders and demanding they answer your text, repin your latest inspiration, or comment on your status update ASAP. This means it’s super awesome to find a product that does the eye-catching for you without words!

Fruitsuper Design is a Seattle-based design duo that was founded in 2008, and their dedication to creating playful, vibrant, and unexpected objects has resulted in their SBiR ring series. They’re So Big it’s Ridiculous, so these oversize silicone rings are the answer to all the gals out there who thrive on wild accessories but don’t want to get weighed down with all the elements that come along with them. Surprisingly lightweight and totally flexible, this gemstone-inspired collection causes quite a stir and come in a variety of eye-popping colors – plus, they’re made in the USA! Be sure to read the Q&A with founders Sallyann Corn and Joe Kent here for background on the line.

Click here to snag one of these serious rings or email for ordering info. Make a bold statement with Fruitsuper today!

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