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Kidrobot FatCaps are BACK!

January 20, 2012 / Artist At Work, News

Be still my vinyl heart! Toy collectors everywhere have begun the final countdown for the latest and greatest Kidrobot release, FatCap Series 3! A new series hasn’t dropped since 2008, so with 18 super-rad designs and some killer exclusives, these are sure to sell out faster than a Stone Roses reunion.

Artists slaying this series include: Devious, Flying Fortress, Jon Paul Kaiser, Julie West, KaNO, Kronk, MCA, Montana Colors, Pez, Queen Andrea, Quisp, Scribe, Shok 1, and Wheatpaste superstar Sket One! Sket is lined up to be the man of the series with his ridiculously epic North American exclusive “Cover the Cap” with a sick gold drip topping it off. These will be included with case pack orders while supplies last, but based on the hype they won’t last too long.

The series drops next Thursday, January 26 and there are plenty of worldwide trading parties happening to calm the frenzied collectors scrambling to assemble the series. Blind boxes retail for $9.95, and to ensure you get every last drop of amazingness, they’ve put together a handy-dandy Collector’s Checklist to reference. If you can’t wait for Sket’s release to drop, kill some time at his shop here and get into the Sket state of mind!

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