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Park n’ Print – Moveable Type

January 11, 2012 / Artist At Work, Events

Road trips are the epitome of Americana – hitting the open road and getting back to our roots. What better way to re-visit the good ol’ days than with some good old-fashioned letterpress events across the US of A? From Portland to New Jersey, Alabama to Idaho, Kyle Durrie of Power and Light Press and her Moveable Type truck have been chugging along the open road and stopping at print studios, local shops, colleges, and historical societies to spread the gospel of Gutenberg (no, not that gospel).

Moveable type (or “letterpress”) has been wowing hipsters and typoholics since its inception in Europe around 1440 by Johann Gutenberg, and has only gotten more hip as the centuries have passed. Today artisans worldwide practice letterpress techniques, taking this historical method of communication and pushing it to new levels of creativity with gig posters, greeting cards, stationary, and fine art prints. Kyle has taken it one step further (rather, one road trip further) with her 2011-2012 nationwide tour funded by Kickstarter, and it’s not over yet. What started as an artist’s dream became a reality in the form of a 1982 Chevy van (a.k.a. custom built letterpress-studio-on-wheels) and Wheatpaste was lucky enough to catch her on her stop in San Diego last July at Make Good (see the video below for a snip of the event)!

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