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Arkitip at Pow Wow Hawaii

February 21, 2012 / Artist At Work, Events

Hawaii – land of Banzai Pipeline, the hula, and shave ice has been getting a fair share of sweet events lately (Johnny Cupcakes Pop Up, anyone?), and is now adding another feather in its cap of awesome. Pow Wow Hawaii is a newly annual event dedicated to breaking down the walls between artist and art lover so that the process becomes part of the final product. Not only is the typical art snobbery absent, the entire neighborhood rallies around the creative gathering for full engagement and transformation. A super rad concept that just happens to take place in paradise? Sign us up!

The whole shebang kicked off February 18th with some events running through the 25th, and the current hot spot has got to be the Arkitip Pop Up Shop at Fresh Café’s Loft in Space. Arkitip is an independent arts publication out of Los Angeles whose goals are to promote affordable art and get it into the hands of the masses. Their pop-up shop is a must-see for zine lovers, art collectors, and just people interested in getting involved in the arts in any capacity! Location is 831 Queen Street in Honolulu, and it closes this Saturday. Head over and get your art on!

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