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February 10, 2012 / Celebrities, Uncategorized

Clothes, hair, and makeup have long dominated the fashion world, but there’s a new party in town – a nail party! Nail art is rocking the vogue bandwagon and to those of us who prefer flats and t-shirts over stilettos and stoles, this is a marvelous (and much more comfortable) development. No longer are clunky accessories or gravity-defying hairstyles required to transform from shabby to chic- all it takes are a few swipes of a brush, time to dry, and voilà! Instant glam. Even Zooey Deschanel is spreading the love, tweeting her funky fresh nails before the Golden Globes and sending the Twittersphere into a frenzy.

Whether neon is the name of your game or patterns are your pleasure, we’re just super pumped on this new nail art trend! There’s no shortage of visual inspiration, but if you have a design you’re particularly pleased to have pulled of, shoot us a pic! We’re diggin’ the creativity.

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