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Banh Mi Love You Long Time

February 7, 2012 / Uncategorized

Move over food trucks, there’s a new game in town – food bikes! As the flood of foodies continues to grow across the country, they’re uniting with like-minded folk doing their best to promote going green, locavorism, eating organic, and lessening their carbon footprint (while still getting their nom noms on). All of these elements are uniting to create a perfect storm of deliciousness with the latest trend in mobile food delivery, and San Francisco’s Banh Mi Love You Long Time sandwich delivery service is leading the pack!

Jessica Nguyen launched BMLYLT in 2011, and to those who have yet to experience the glory that is banh mi, here’s a crash course in tasty studies. “Banh Mi” actually means “bread” in Vietnamese, but what we’ve come to love is a sandwich usually made up of grilled pork, pickled daikon, carrots, jalapeno, cucumbers, and cilantro with hints of curry and lemongrass on a toasty roll. There’s some variety, but this is the basic sandwich you can expect to enjoy for cheap- usually running anywhere from $3-$6 for the whole shebang.

Nguyen literally ‘pedals’ her wares around San Francisco on her Surly Long Haul Trucker and for $5 you can enjoy this tasty homemade snack (or even have it delivered to you anywhere in the city!). For this amazing and eco-friendly delivery, you’ll have to order at least 5, but it’s still a total steal and all it takes is a Tweet or Facebook shout-out. She’ll even cater your event! Her bike basket is equipped with all the fresh ingredients and even has a full-sized toaster for toasted perfection each time.

Food bikes are popping up in urban areas all over the place, but until Banh Mi Love You Long Time decides to expand, we’ll have to head over to the stationary eateries to get our sandwich on. If you find yourself in the Bay Area anytime soon with a Vietnamese craving and a couple bucks, send out the Twitter alarm and get satisfied!

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