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Dynamic Duo – Tocayo + Exist1981 at Subtext Gallery

February 1, 2012 / Artist At Work, Events

California-based artists Tocayo + Exist1981 have spent the better part of a decade hitting the streets of SoCal and beyond, spreading the gospel of fresh art and basically just being a Dream Team of Radness. Come Friday, their gallery day has come – to Subtext Gallery! Subtext in San Diego is known for playing host to some of the hottest shows of the past few years (featuring the likes of Jolby, Chris Ryniak, Mark Murphy, and more) and while we can’t deny LA’s overpowering art shadow smothering all that lies in her midst, Subtext, the neighbor to the south, is giving her a major run for the money with its consistent amazeball exhibitions and super fun events!

The opening reception of the aptly named Dynamic Duo show is happening this Friday, February 3 from 6-10 pm. The show runs through March 2, but if you’re toying with the idea of attending, here’s a bit of advice – come to the opening. Music by DJ Will Redd, a live performance by Kellen Mallow, and food by El Camino?! Yes please – we wouldn’t miss it, even without the tacos! Not to get stuck on the subject of tacos instead of art, but El Camino’s food is the bomb and if you’re coming from out of town, check out the sick mural outside their location just down the street from the gallery– the flashy neon style should look familiar (it’s done by the one and only Tocayo)! This is by no means the only public work by Tocayo or Exist, but it’s certainly one of the most stunning.

Check out the video sneak peek of the show here!

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