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Image from I Am Not A Hipster and Sundance

I Am Not A Hipster

February 27, 2012 / News

Hipsters – we all know them, we’ve all seen them, and some of us might actually be them! Whether you love ‘em or hate ‘em, they’re inescapable and can often be fascinating studies in contemporary culture.

I Am Not A Hipster premiered at the Sundance Film Festival to many a surprised critic expecting the regular pretentious tongue-in-cheek and fashionably sarcastic wit attributed to the subculture. That expectation was shattered across the board as an “emotionally rich” view into the life of Brook, a San Diego indie musician took viewers on a journey of isolation, exploration, life, and loss. His struggles to balance his career as a budding musician laced with personal tragedy shed light on the basic humanity in all of us, hipster or not.

San Diego has an amazingly tight-knit music community, and they’re finally having their shot in the limelight with the haunting score and soundtrack (not yet released). The upcoming soundtrack from I Am Not A Hipster features San Diego artists Black Mamba, Cuckoo Chaos, the Donkeys, the radically-named Jamuel Saxon, as well as CANINES, who provided the original score for the film. It hasn’t yet been released into distribution, but art and music lovers can follow the film’s journey on their Facebook and Twitter pages. Fingers crossed for nationwide viewings soon!

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