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Local Love – Valentine’s Day

February 13, 2012 / Uncategorized

Whether you love it or hate it – there’s no escaping it. Valentine’s Day is just a few short hours away, and if you’ve got a special guy or gal pal to cozy up to, it might be the radness holiday of the year! (If you don’t, it’s definitely just a made up commercial holiday, so fuggedaboudit and treat yourself to some takeout and PJ time).  If you do decide to indulge with some gifts for that special someone (whether it be someone else or just yourself!), there’s a ton of options and plenty that can be purchased outside a generic big box location.

Wheatpaste preaches the gospel of local, handmade, and DIY – support your local economy, artisans, and crafters! Etsy is (obviously) an amazing resource for one-of-a-kind stuff from independent artists, and they have one of the best Valentine’s Day collections around. It’s definitely the one stop shop for finding just the perfect thing, so hop online and maybe even score some last-minute deals!

If you’ve just gotta have something in hand for tomorrow’s festivities, avoid run-of-the-mill chains and get ‘em something from the heart. Google ‘local retailers’ and support your community’s economy, or even make a lil’ something just to show that you care. If you are really serious about snagging a bargain, we can’t help but recommend that you head over to our Posters that Stick shop and get FREE shipping plus 20% off through this whole month. We promise that your deal-loving sweetie will be swooning over the art AND savings!

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