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February 23, 2012 / Music

If you remember the days of mixtapes recorded off the radio, MTV pre-reality shows, and when AOL was THE internet provider to have, then hats off! This post is for you.

90’s nostalgia isn’t complete without a nod to the indie music scene, particularly the riot grrrl movement of the Pacific Northwest. This punk rock-laced movement mixed with splashes of grunge and hints of indie provided an escape for boys and girls disgruntled with society, but without the rage often attributed to punk and hardcore. Sleater-Kinney, Sonic Youth, and Bikini Kill were the top names of the underground scene, and we’re lucky enough today to enjoy the sounds of their spawn in Wild Flag.

With members Carrie Brownstein (of Portlandia fame), Mary Timothy, Rebecca Cole, and Janet Weiss’ combined resumes, they hail from some of the top groups of the post-punk movement. It’s easy to hear the experiences melding together on their releases, self-titled Wild Flag and the 7” Future Crimes. Part punk, part indie, and all awesome, their singles “Future Crimes” and “Romance” have been featured on late-night talk shows and major music events like SXSW, along with the upcoming Coachella and Sasquatch arts and music fests.

Their 2012 tour puts them anywhere and everywhere – from Australia to Boston, Mexico City, and of course Portland. You can pick up their record online or at any local record shop, and with pop beats and guttural-yet-symphonic vocals, it’s sure to be on repeat for quite some time. Break out your corduroys and Buddy Holly glasses and relish in the Nineties Revolution!

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