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Epic Shred – Jolby, GoldCoast, and us!

March 26, 2012 / Artist At Work, News, Press

Few things get us more jazzed than when we discover a company that’s  just… rad. GoldCoast Longboards is one of these epic few, and we here at Wheatpaste are extremely pumped to be the first to announce an upcoming partnership with them! Just to add a little extra stokeage, it’s a three-way partnership with one of our favorite artist teams. You know ‘em, you love ‘em – we’re pleased to bring you Wheatpaste’s own Jolby!

Coming in April, you’ll have the chance to purchase a package at a discounted rate that will include an exclusive stickable poster from Jolby, along with one of their upcoming GoldCoast skateboard releases. We can also neither confirm nor deny some super-duper-exclusive-limited signed editions, but it’s certainly something to think about.

You’ll have your choice of the 4D skateboard or the Origin longboard (either way it’s freakin’ radical!), and it’s an especially righteous deal since both have been sold out due to high demand.  Both decks will be replenished just in time for you to snag your Poster/skateboard package, and since this will also be the first time that the brand-spankin’ new “Skate Foot” removable wall sticker from our Posters that Stick will be released, you’re sure to get your hands on some of the freshest swag around. Get the first look at the unreleased Poster above!

Follow Wheatpaste and GoldCoast on Facebook and Twitter for news, release date, and developments on this dope partnership, along with a Q+A with Jolby that’ll be released with the package. Tell your friend and get stoked!

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