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March 12, 2012 / Uncategorized

Kweenz Destroy is NYC street style through and through. Founded in 2006 by New York graffiti writer INDIE184, Kweenz Destroy has been spotted worldwide on Hypebeast, Mass Appeal, and more. It got its start from playing off the notorious Kings Destroy graffiti crew (started in the Bronx by the infamous COPE2) and has been rocking our faces off for the last few years with fashion and art – not to mention showing up on Grand Theft Auto IV!

Wheatpaste is totally diggin’ the style (this fashion line would make amazing street art posters, right?!) and with such vibrant and bubbly imagery, it’s hard to think of this being considered vandalism! However, for those mild-mannered folks who want to keep the street style strictly on threads and off walls, the Kweenz Destroy store is chock full o’ rad gear and prints. They even had a pop-up shop in Miami during Art Basel, and you can check out their signature graffiti from LA to Europe.

The Kweenz Destroy line isn’t for ladies who play nice. If you’re down, dirty, and ready to party, check ‘em out. There just might be something for you.

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