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Image by David Cole

Lego Taxidermy

March 30, 2012 / Uncategorized

Yes, as a matter of fact, we did coin the phrase “Legofauxidermy”, but sadly we weren’t the creators of such a ridiculously silly and fun product! That honor goes to David Cole, a designer based in Brooklyn who came up with the Lego taxidermy mounted head kit. It’s certainly some of the most unique wall art that we’ve seen!

With a kitschy nod towards the very manly tradition of hunting and stuffing disembodied heads to mount above the cabin fireplace (next to your rifle rack and plaid jacket coat closet), Cole has put together this conversation-sparking décor kit for a reasonable price. As soon as the original deer design was released, 250 kits sold out so quickly that around 1,500 others got waitlisted until the next release!

With this immediate viral response, Cole quickly re-stocked his supply of deer taxidermy kits, along with introducing a friendly fox and adorable bear (for whatever your animal fancy may be). They’re small, but cute and an affordable art option for those who just can’t bring themselves to kill Bambi. He’s also gotten tons of press from some of our faves like Apartment Therapy, Incredible Things, and more. We’re now following him on Twitter, hoping to be the first to hear of new releases, and we’re sure to just be joining the mixed ranks of Lego-loving hipsters and ironic moms with offbeat gifting tendencies.

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