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March 23, 2012 / Uncategorized

Wheatpaste is on Instagram! And let’s face it, with 15 million users and counting, getting an iPhone simply to use this free app is pretty much worth it. However, if you aren’t yet an iPhone disciple (you will be soon enough), you can peep all of our pics on our Webstagram instead. We love the amazing Instagram content from users like Juxtapoz, 12ozProphet, and Krink, but we think you’ll dig our pics too!

With us, you won’t just see new products and sneak peeks (although you will see those, plus be the first to know about rad promos and whatnot). You’ll also be front and center for all the amazing events that we hit across the country– ones like SXSW, LA Zine Fest, and upcoming ones like Ink n’ Iron, the Agenda Show, Comic  Con, and more! Plus, you’ll get introduced to some of our fave people and companies like Kidrobot, Hypebeast, Poketo, and ThatKidPeep, etc.

Find us on your phone under the Instagram handle “wheatpasteartcollective” or view us on your desktop with Webstagram! If you have an iPhone but not Instagram, download it free at the iTunes App Store and then friend us. Prepare for visual ecstasy!

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