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10th Annual Grilled Cheese Invitational

April 18, 2012 / Contests, Events

We take food pretty seriously here at Wheatpaste, and nothing gets our tastebuds tantalized like the promise of a good ol’ fashioned food festival. Some are more whetting to the appetite than others (think West Virginia’s Road Kill Cookoff vs. the world famous Gilroy Garlic Festival), but few have got us as stoked as the 10th Annual Grilled Cheese Invitational!

Taking place in Pasadena on April 28, this amazingly spectacular event actually has some pretty serious rules and expects to sell out (duh!) It’s self-proclaimed as the “an almost scary pursuit of perfection in a Grilled Cheese Sammich”, and that sounds pretty freaking bodacious to us. Amateurs and professionals are both invited to participate, and there are 4 categories for the judges (as per the official website):

  • Love, American Style – White bread, butter, orange cheese (American or Cheddar). NOTHING ELSE.
  • The Missionary Position – Any type of bread, butter and cheese. NO ADDITIONAL INGREDIENTS.
  • The Kama Sutra  A sandwich of the savory nature, with any type of bread, butter and cheese PLUS additional ingredients, and the interior ingredients must be at least 60% cheese.
  • The Honey Pot – Any kind of bread, any kind of butter, and any kind of cheese, and the interior ingredients of the sammich must be at least 60% cheese, PLUS additional ingredients, and with an overall flavor that is sweet and would best be served as dessert.

Each sandwich gets judged on presentation, taste, wessonality (how is this sammich special?), and spaz (a.k.a. the “weird” factor).  Participants have to make multiple sandwiches for the judges, and to be honest, can anyone imagine a better job than to be a judge at the Grilled Cheese Invitational?

You can check out their Facebook for quips and updates, but visit the official Grilled Cheese Invitational website for more information and tickets. Viva sandwich!

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