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Local Love – Austin Nelson on Instagram

April 20, 2012 / Uncategorized

At the end of the week, we like to give props to some rad people highlighting the local SoCal scene, and this week we’re diggin’ Austin Nelson’s Instagram. A musician-come-photographer from Charleston, Austin is currently an MFA candidate at Pratt and has contributed to Interview Magazine and Vogue. His Instagram is chock-full of goodies from ‘round these parts – from coastal San Diego to the blistering sun of Palm Desert, his Instagram highlights art, architecture, and the unique landscape of the Golden State.

Yes, we know we’re lucky to live here. Yes, the weather lives up to the hype. Yes, we can get from the Pacific Ocean to the desert to a mountain range in a day. But Austin, why romanticize it? We have managed to avoid the traffic and smog of L.A. and your photos just make San Diego look so… epic. Sure, we have our fair share of tourists, but if more people get a look at your photos and see at how good we really have it… the consequences could be dire.

More cars! More people! Up would be down, black would be white, and soon us locals would have to become California expats. So Austin, while we think you’re a totally dope photographer and we dig your style, next time you come to California, how about you keep it to yourself. Deal?

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