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Will Powered – Will Ferrell Cancer for College

April 13, 2012 / Celebrities, Events

We know what you’re thinking. Will Ferrell + San Diego = party time with Ron Burgundy, right? Wrong! Well, about the Ron Burgundy part, at least. This weekend Will Ferrell is spearheading a ridiculously awesome party that involves a bus, an auction, and a whole lotta craft beer (we’re still holding out hope for some impromptu jazz flute), and all of the proceeds go to Cancer for College.

The Cancer for College Craft Beer Bus Pub Crawl can only described as a party with a heart. Cancer doesn’t discriminate by age, and it can strike even regular kids who just want to play baseball like founder Craig Pollard. Thinking about the next day often isn’t an option, much less thinking about college after humongous medical expenses. Cancer for College helps those kids who’ve gone through the unimaginable and come out the other side who just want to get an education.

Craig has experienced childhood cancer first-hand and now dedicates his life to helping the next generations of kids get the same opportunity for higher education. In his college fraternity, he made a pal in Will Ferrell, who now lends himself to raising money whenever he can. Events range from a golf classic, casino nights, comedy shows, and even a 2007 auction for a cameo in Step Brothers!

The Pub Crawl kicks off tomorrow at Blind Lady Ale House before heading to Live Wire, Tiger!Tiger!, and wrapping up back at BLAH for a silent auction. If you’re one of the lucky attendees, keep your eyes peeled for some awesome signed Posters that Stick from the event! All of the money raised goes straight to Cancer for College, meaning it gets into the hands of kids who might not get to college any other way. Want to see the faces of kids who’ve been able to realize their dreams? Check out their site for scholarship winners!

Stay charitable, San Diego!

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