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May 30, 2012 / Food

With the food truck craze sweeping the nation, Pinterest food boards going completely viral, and farm-to-table dining spawning a new foodie revolution, it’s no surprise there’s a corresponding surge in the exploration of weird food!

We’re not just talking the Fear Factor terrifying weird food challenges; we just mean re-thinking the concept of food and taking it a step further. Textures, colors, and even just unexpected plating all fall under the surprising, gratifying, and fun world of the weird food experience! Love cupcakes? Of course you do. How about pizza? You bet! But a pepperoni pizza cupcake? Weird, sure, but it’s only the BEST COMBINATION EVER, so everyone is a winner!

Even art is getting into the funky fresh realm of weird food – Threadless featured this submission of an intricately carved stick of gum into fan fave “Chew”bacca. Our own Jolby put together this picnic pyramid piece only available at Wheatpaste as canvas wall art or fabric wall decals. All our wonderful, wacky, and weird food art is sure to please your sweet (style) tooth, your foodie roommate, or just art lovers hungry for unique wall art.

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