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Color in the Dark by Sebastien Cuypers for Threadless

Our Top Threadless T-shirt Picks

May 31, 2012 / Products We Love

Everybody loves a good laser cat shirt, and Threadless has got ‘em! If you dig snarky slogans, cartoon critters, or ironic quips, then the Threadless t-shirt collection is definitely for you. We’ve put together a small snippet of our fave designs for girls and guys (and believe us, this was no small task).

Mr. Mittens’ Big Adventure – it’s got space. It’s got lasers. It’s got cats. What more could you possibly want from this tee by Joe Van Wetering?! Color in the Dark features ghosts and GLOWS IN THE DARK. We’re suckers for glowing things. We’re also suckers for bacon, so Group Hug by Mellin Paulo Bernardo rounds up our top 3 Threadless picks nicely. Most Threadless tees are available for men and women, so the perfect fit is generally available for a low price!

We selected some amazeball Wheatpaste artists that look totally snappy paired with some Threadless kicks. Rad cats with neon? We’ve got that covered with “Architecture of Deceit” by Lucas Irwin. Kitschy cartoons that boggle your eyes? How about the psychedelic “Lips” by Dan Stiles? Yep, that’ll do. Bizarre critters have their heyday with “Gemini Pals” by Roman Klonek.

For more funky canvas wall art pieces or adhesive wall art, check out our “Pop” and “Cartoon” themes on Wheatpaste!

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