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Our Awesome Summer BBQ Party Ideas

June 20, 2012 / Uncategorized

It’s the first official day of summer, and we have some awesome summer BBQ party ideas to make sure your outdoor bash is a huge success!

We love to dine on the swine, but not all summer BBQ party planners may feel the same. Be sure to have plenty of veggie options (like grilled corn, fresh fruit salad, and potato salad sans bacon) to please the potential vegetarians and vegans. If you don’t have to worry about dietary restrictions, we live by one mantra: there’s no such thing as too much bacon.

Nothing tastes quite as good as a burger or hot dog fresh off the grill, so be sure to have plenty of fixings so each summer BBQ party guest can dress theirs to their own delight. If you have access to an outdoor smoker, that’s even better! You can easily get real char-broiled flavor and skip the Whopper™.  Want inspiration for awesome table settings? Check out this epic summer BBQ party blog for inspiration!

Make sure that your indoor setup is just as decorative as the outside – why not put up some canvas wall art or removable wallpaper / fabric wall decals to get your summer BBQ party guests in a festive mood? We recommend GrandLarsen’s “Guard Your Grill”, which is available as a stickable poster and canvas wall art only through Wheatpaste. It’s rad to look at, plus it serves as a warning from the Grillmaster – hands off!

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