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Q+A With Greg Abbott

July 11, 2012 / Artist At Work

Greg Abbott is an illustrator and designer based in England. He is often hired for character design and hand-lettering projects. Greg’s work ranges from collectible toys, album artwork and merchandise design to branding, web design and packaging. He works digitally to produce vector-based work with an optimistic outlook. Greg’s clients have included Warner Music Group, EMI, Paramore and All Time Low. Check out our exclusive Q+A with Greg Abbott to find out more about the artist and his process!

WP: Let’s kick things off with an icebreaker. Do you have a go-to karaoke song?

GA: No, I’m much too shy to be able to enjoy karaoke. I also can’t sing although I would love to be able to. I wouldn’t want to do an injustice to anybody’s favourite song and it is for this reason that I generally try to avoid being subjected to karaoke performances. If I were to hum, it might be anything from The Beatles to Frank Sinatra.

WP: Well, if you get caught in a karaoke emergency, anything by Journey is always a crowd pleaser. So, since karaoke is a no-go, do you have a guilty pleasure?

GA: Chocolate. As for a general pleasure, I particularly enjoy classic movies.

WP: From one chocoholic to another, we feel your pain. What projects are you working on right now?

GA: I’m currently working with a taco restaurant to develop merchandise and am spending my spare time on personal pieces and projects.

WP: As pretty big taco fans, we’re stoked to see how that turns out! When did you first become interested in design and illustration?

GA: I’ve always enjoyed drawing and grew up with this being a favourite activity. I spent a lot of my childhood drawing in front of a television whilst watching cartoons. It wasn’t until I was a teenager that I found an appreciation for design. I enjoy both the design of how things work and the way they look.

WP: Now we can finally tell our parents that watching cartoons is a good thing! Your work definitely has a strong influence from that sort of media. What are some of your favorite materials to work with?

GA: If traditional, black biro on paper. If digital, Corel Painter for sketching and inking whilst Adobe Illustrator for colouring and developing.

WP: Very cool. Now that we’ve got an idea of your influences and work mediums, do you have a philosophy that you live by?

GA: I don’t know if the way I live or view life could be called a philosophy but I am inclined towards minimalism. I live by the idea of enough. I like to find the best way of doing things and to improve the way things work. I love being organised and efficient. I am very interested in enjoyment and I hope for a calm and peaceful life. I aim to only do things that are worth doing and to do those things well. I hope to make the most of life. I like to appreciate everything. I want to think first, to think clearly and to keep an open mind. I love good manners. I enjoy being particular, precise and punctual.

WP: Inspiring stuff! If you could be someone else for a day, who would it be and why?

GA: I don’t think that I would if I could but if I did, perhaps Gregory Peck in the 50s or Sean Connery in the 60s. They seem both relaxed and confident.

WP: Spoken as a true Brit! We dig your style. Speaking from across the pond, what’s your favorite thing about where you live?

GA: I live in a friendly and quiet area by the seaside, I particularly enjoy walking here.


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