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July 26, 2012 / Uncategorized

Whether you’re joining the talented Tri-Delts or amazing Alpha Chis, it can be difficult to stand out in a crowd of popular sororities. Pledging a sorority may be one of the biggest decisions you ever make in your life, but choosing your sorority room decor (or dorm room decor) just got a lot easier with Wheatpaste Art Collective.

College room decor is a great way to shout your individual style from the walls, and with Wheatpaste’s personalized wall decor options, you can deck your dorm without breaking the bank. Our reusable wall decals are the perfect way to avoid unsightly (and not allowed!) holes in walls, so whether you’re dorm-bound or are heading to the sorority suites, you won’t need to worry about wall damage, leaving your mind worry-free to catch up on studying… or for tailgating before the big game!

Wheatpaste’s removable wall stickers aren’t just eco-friendly stickable posters with awesome graphics, affordable prices, and a Made in the USA guarantee (although they are all that). Our custom wall decals also come Greeked out! Greek Letter Decals let you show your Greek pride all semester long, and with our unique fabric-based adhesive material, this totally custom lettering option can be stuck and re-stuck a whole bunch of times, unlike cheaper vinyl wall letters. That means even if you find yourself moving from apartment to dorm to sorority suite, your hand-picked wall art stickers can make the move with you and look as fresh as ever. Our Greek Letter Decals also make the perfect secret gift for your little sister while she rushes, so spread the spirit!

If you’re stuck on selecting some awesome sorority art, Greek art, or just college room decor options, Wheatpaste has got your walls covered. Check out our giant wall decals, custom lettering, and Greek Letter Decals for ideas on how to make your sorority suite the hottest room in the house.

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