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Bumbershoot Music & Arts Festival

August 28, 2012 / Events, Music, Uncategorized

Bumbershoot Music and Arts Festival this weekend in Seattle

Bumbershoot turns 42 this weekend and based on this year’s lineup, attendees are in for a REAL treat. Since Bumbershoot’s inception in 1971 (take that, Coachella!), it’s been drawing hundreds of thousands of hip cats in the know to the Pacific Northwest for a full weekend of music, art, film, indie vendors, local food, and comedy. (It’s actually North America’s largest urban arts festival- rad!) With performances by Skrillex, Jane’s Addiction, M83, Yelawolf, Passion Pit, plus comedy by Fred Armisen, Nick Swardson, Brian Posehn, and Doug Benson, this year’s Labor Day festival is expected to draw over 100,000 screaming fans into the heart of Seattle.

Bumbershoot might sound like a silly word, but according to bumbershoot.org it’s actually been around since 1915-1920 to describe a mashup between an umbrella and parachute. Who knew? We do love a good mashup, so it’s just another reason to head northwards for Bumbershoot this weekend.

A festival just doesn’t seem to be a festival anymore without some art, and Bumbershoot 2012 is no exception. They’re playing host to Flatstock, the notorious gig poster and screenprinting festival that travels around the world showcasing the best of the best in printing today. The lineup of heavy hitters includes Wheatpasters Dan Stiles and Nate Duval, so of course we’ve gotta show them a little love and strongly encourage all attendees to check them out. You can view Dan’s collection of canvas wall art and fabric wall decals here, and Nate’s collection of removable wallpaper and canvas wall art here. Like what you see? We’re offering free shipping on all items right now, so be sure to gear up before Bumbershoot and shop now!

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