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August 13, 2012 / Artist At Work, Uncategorized

Dribbble.com is a totally rad design site geared towards typeophiles, design geeks, and contemporary working illustrators from all over the world. As an invite-only service, dribbble whittles down the bajllions of awesome practicing designers to curate the best-of-the-best for your viewing pleasure. Don’t be fooled by dribbble’s seemingly inclusive community setup – yes, all the cool kids are there, but there’s always room for one more!

That being said, we’re always super pumped to be able to support Wheatpaste Art Collective artists in their other artistic endeavors. If you want to keep up with a handful of our faves on dribbble, be sure to check out:

Neil J. Rook

LouLou & Tummie

Jolby & Friends

Neil J Rook is an illustrator and designer based in London. He graduated from the London College of Fashion in 2009 after studying surfaces textiles for fashion and has since applied his knowledge to patterns, fabrics, user interfaces and print-based projects. Some of his clients include AOL, Tesco Magazine, Grooveshark and Meredith Publishing. Aside from illustration, Neil likes good design, anything mid-century, good shoes, museums and cats. View his entire collection of Canvas Wall Art and reusable wall decals here.

LouLou & Tummie is a Dutch illustration duo that is building an ever-expanding empire of colorful graphics and fascinating characters. Their characters appear in magazines, books, advertisements, on the web, and in real-life homes. Led by their love of toys, happiness, and all things cute, LouLou & Tummie use their computers to spit out creative designs that are at home all over the world. View their entire collection of Canvas Wall Art and reusable wall decals here.

Jolby & Friends is the name of artistic duo Josh Kenyon and Colby Nichols, who began their joint design career in their hometown of San Diego. The secret behind their creative collaboration is combining Colby’s artistic obsession with creatures and shapes and Josh’s creative love for pattern and texture. The imaginative and skillfully executed results are an important element of the artistic community of Portland and beyond. View their entire collection of Canvas Wall Art and reusable wall decals here.

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