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Renegade Craft Fair LA

August 3, 2012 / Events

Wheatpaste can never resist a good art event, so on July 28-29 we trucked up north to LA for the 4th Annual summer Renegade Craft Fair at LA Historic Park! Renegade Craft Fair started in Chicago in 2003 and can now be found in cities across the US (plus London). Each event is carefully curated by the Chicago staff, so you’re guaranteed only the best of the best DIY independent crafters at each location.

Renegade Craft Fair boasts a huge array of artisans – from illustrators, textile artists, ceramicists, stationary makers, etc. You’re sure to find more amazing hand-made items than you could possibly carry away. Hand-screened tea towels? One-of-a-kind mini paintings? Dip-dyes scarves? Totally rad and unique wall art? It was a feast for the eyes, as per usual!

LA Zine Fest was also on hand, hosting zine swaps and continuing to promote the art of the ‘zine.  These guys are pretty rad and manage to attend most craft-oriented shows in the LA area, so if you missed ‘em at Renegade Craft Fair or find yourself in SoCal, be sure to check ‘em out.

Upcoming Renegade Craft Fairs are in Chicago and London, so never fear if you aren’t in the LA vicinity. Seriously, if you make it to one craft fair this year, make sure it’s Renegade. Bring plenty of dough – you won’t be leaving empty handed!

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