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We Love: Poketo & Jolby

August 23, 2012 / Products We Love, Uncategorized

It’s infinitesimally awesome when products that we drool for meet artists that we swoon over. That’s exactly what happened when the galaxially radical duo of Jolby & Friends met the cosmically awesome people at Poketo in a star-aligned partnership from heaven.

In case you haven’t figured it out, we sweat Jolby pretty hard around here and are pleased as punch to have them as part of our Collective. They’ve got their artsy lil’ fingers in products from calendars to apps to Poketo wallets & tees, and we’re super stoked to be the only ones offering their stickable posters and canvas wall art for your home.

When we met up with Jolby at this year’s Comic Con, we were pumped to see that they were hanging out in the Poketo booth with Ted & Angie, founders of Poketo. We’re familiar with the wonderfulness that is Poketo (having owned some wallets of theirs before they got big, what what?!), so it was a glorious occasion to meet the people behind the rapidly expanding brand of radness.

Turns out Pokeo digs Jolby just as much as we do, so of course we bonded immediately. Their latest release was a totally awesome Adventure Time Wallet for Comic Con, which is already out of print (sob)! Still, we’re hoping that the Poketo x Jolby relationship is long, fruitful, and hopefully involves some wall art one day (hint hint). What could we call ourselves? Pokpastelby? Whejoleto? Joletopaste? All suggestions are welcomed, but in the meantime why not feast your eyes on some Wheatpaste/Jolby amazingness?