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Too Old to Trick or Treat? Halloween Activities for Teenagers

October 22, 2012 / Events

Halloween Activities For Teenagers

If you’ve ever rung a doorbell on Halloween and gotten greeted with a “Aren’t you a little old for trick-or-treating?” it might be time to re-evaluate your Halloween activities. Personally, I’d rather have the neighborhood teens trick-or-treating rather than toilet-papering houses or smashing pumpkins in my yard, but to each his own!

There are plenty of other super fun Halloween activities for teenagers that aren’t dorky, boring, or destructive. Here are a few ideas that, when pulled off properly, are sure to be a hit for high school and college students alike.

  • 3 words – scary movie night. Sometimes the best Halloween activities for teenagers don’t require costumes or elaborate party planning. Just assemble some top Halloween hits like Psycho, Friday the 13th, Hocus Pocus, or anything from this awesome list, and get ready to have your pants scared off.
  • An oldie but goodie – pass out candy! Kicking it on your front porch or stoop always looks cool, and let’s face it – it’s wickedly fun to get little kids stoked on sugar (plus you can sneak handfuls when no one is looking). If you live in a dorm, it’s not a faux pas to go adult trick-or-treating, so consider organizing a dorm-wide trick-or-treat.
  • Run a haunted house. This is an especially good plan if you have an apartment or your parents are cool with you going all-out this Halloween! You can grab spiderwebs and other décor options from your local arts and crafts store, and this design by Methane Studios is sure to set the spooky tone for a rad party (available as Canvas Wall Art or Posters That Stick).
  • Just because you might be too old to trick or treat doesn’t mean you’re too old to dress up. Throw an epic costume party and give out prizes for the best, scariest, and most realistic costumes.

There are tons of Halloween activities for teenagers and college students alike that are a guaranteed awesome time without having to go door-to-door with the younguns. Try one of our suggestions above and let us know how it goes!

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