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How To Throw a Party in a Small Space

October 17, 2012 / Uncategorized

We’ve all been there – the tiny studio apartment, the cramped dorm room with hardly enough space for you, much less a few pals! Unless you’re lucky enough to score a huge single room in the hall or stumble upon an apartment with room for more than a loveseat and table, you’re probably dealing with a severe lack of space in which to throw a ragin’ party.

Luckily for you, we’ve got some ideas that will get you and your friends rockin’ out in no time! Here are some ideas on how to throw a party in a small space.

    • Open all the doors and windows to make the space seem as large and inviting as possible. Be sure that there is one closed door or closet where you can stash people’s valuables.
    • If you’re in a dorm, opt for bunks or lofts to maximize storage and hangout space. You can easily fit a futon or seating below a lofted bed, which will in turn increase standing and dancing room! You can also enlist your suitemates or entire hall for room-hopping radness.
    • Try our Posters That Stick to create an awesome, art-filled atmosphere with pieces that lie completely flat against the wall. Unlike bulky framed prints or canvas wall art (which are awesome options for larger spaces),  these wall art stickers don’t have any framed edges and can’t get knocked off the wall by stray elbows.
    • If you’re throwing a party in a small apartment, be sure to alert your neighbors that there’s going to be a party to maintain neighborly goodwill (and maybe enlist a shared patio or outdoor space for more room!)
    • Use your bathtub or sink as a cooler to avoid a large, bulky storage container taking up valuable floor space. Just fill with ice and enjoy!
    • Small space? Small foods! Finger foods are awesome for passing around in bowls instead of a huge spread or sit-down dinner. Plus, you get to try a bunch of little meals instead of just one or two items! Be sure to keep several small trash cans scattered across the room(s) to encourage people to keep surfaces clean.
    • Dance the night away! Move furniture to the outer perimeter of the room to create a small but clear dance floor. If you’re sitting close by, you might have to dodge a few flying jazz hands, but the Instagram pictures will probably make it worth your while.

This should give you at least a few good ideas on how to throw a party in a small space. Like we said, there’s no reason that space should be the final limitation, so grab a few nesting tables, plan your finger-food menu, and snag a custom wall decal from Wheatpaste to snazz up your space!

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