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Celebrities in College – Our Dorm Art Picks

November 29, 2012 / Celebrities

It seems like each day more and more celebrities are heading back to the quad to hit the books! From California to New York, it’s becoming more common to see stars sipping lattes in the library, cramming for exams, and yes, decorating their new living spaces.

While the Hollywood A-List might not be in need of “dorm art” per se, they still face the same challenges of regular undergrads in their need to furnish a small, temporary space to reflect their individual personalities. Luckily, Wheatpaste Art Collective has an awesome collection of dorm art specifically engineered for just such places!

We’ve taken a few of the top stars enrolled in college today and paired them with our dorm art picks that we think they’d love to hang on their walls.

Emma Watson (a.k.a. Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter movies) is shaking things up at Brown University in Rhode Island, and we figured that only the chic dorm art of noted fashion illustrator Izak Zenou would do for this English model/actress. Pictured above: Je Suis Fleur Canvas Wall Art

Nathan Adrian made a splash at his Olympic debut in 2008 when his relay team won gold and repeated his dominating performance in 2012, winning gold and silver! He’s currently studying public health at Berkeley, and since he may not have a lot of time to consider his dorm art décor (between training, studying, and being all-around awesome), we’ve taken the liberty of selecting the Scuba Diving Wall Portal Decals by Martin Strmiska to A) make him feel at home in the water 24/7 and B) cover an entire wall in one fell swoop – leaving his mind free and clear to pursue… another Olympic medal perhaps?

James Franco is no stranger to making the ladies swoon and the guys crunch their teeth with jealousy. He continues his quest to become the best looking, most ambitious, and smartest celebrity in Hollywood by graduating from the elite graduate film program at NYU AND the graduate fiction writing program at Columbia. He’s now pursuing a PhD at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut and we’re overwhelmed just reading about it. As a guy who seems to appreciate a higher level of thinking, we figured he’d dig “Do the Astral Plane” by Jesse Tise for his dorm art selection.

Last but not least, Haley Joel Osment (best known for his role in The Sixth Sense) graduated from NYU in 2010, joining the ranks of elite alumni including author Howard Zinn, comedian Aziz Ansari, actress Anne Hathaway, director Spike Lee, actor Philip Seymour Hoffman, singer Lady Gaga… the list goes on. As a young actor who has been in the biz almost his entire life, we figure he’s got a lot to say about it, and what better way than with Tag Your Wall custom lettering as dorm art? Pebbles & Flow would surely bring a touch of California sunshine to the streets of NYC, so that’s our final pick for now.

As we add more art to the ranks of our unique wall art collection, stay tuned for more dorm art picks from Wheatpaste!

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