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SS Coachella Sets Sail

November 6, 2012 / Events

SS Coachella

sounds completely unreal. Take all the awesome elements of Coachella, nix the heat and crowds, add a cruise ship, and you have it! SS Coachella is a 4-5 day musical journey through the Bahamas on December 16-19 and Jamaica on December 19-23. With bands like Girl Talk, Pulp, Black Lips, Sleigh Bells, The Rapture, Yeasayer, and more, it seriously sounds like a journey to heaven. Except we’re pretty sure Fort Lauderdale isn’t the exclusive departure point to the Pearly Gates, but hey, it’s the destination that counts, right?

Tickets ain’t cheap, but SS Coachella sounds like the trip of a lifetime, so check out the availability if you’ve got the dough and desire. The ships have different levels of luxury available, so you can hang in steerage with Jack or upper deck with Rose (just kidding).

This is the first year for the music festival at sea, so as music fans eagerly await the results of the inaugural journey of SS Coachella, we invite you to check out their site to get the scoop and enjoy the tunes from the hugely epic bands that the lucky few aboard will get to hang with and enjoy in the most intimate of settings – international waters!

Check the SS Coachella Facebook and Twitter pages to stay up-to-date. If you attend, be sure to share your pics and stories with us so we can oogle with envy!

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