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Special Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

January 31, 2013 / Events, Products We Love

Love is in the air! There is only 2 weeks left until Valentine’s Day, and if you haven’t figured out your Valentine’s Day gift ideas, time is a-fleetin’.

Don’t scramble around at the last second to find something affordable/unique/interesting/awesome for your sweetie and come up short-handed. We’re here to help you out. When you shop at Wheatpaste Art Collective, you give the gift of art (which we think is the best gift of all).

With plenty of stickable posters (affordable), Canvas Wall Art (unique), Portal Wall Decals (interesting), and giant wall murals (awesome), Wheatpaste has a fantastic group of Valentine’s Day gift ideas that will please your special guy or gal.

Find perfect Valentine’s Day gift ideas at Wheatpaste Art Collective – check out the art pictured above!

Such Great Heights by Lisa Chow
Love Heart by Ingrid Padilla
Pen and Pink – Pictures of Love by Jen Da Silva
I Love to Ride by Susana Parada
Love Kills by Elo Designer
Junk Food Love by Neil J. Rook
Eco Love by WP House
Love Tree by WP House

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