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Edison Mfg Co.

February 13, 2013 / Products We Love

As the artisan movements of yesteryears enjoy a resurgence of popularity, more people are turning back to the handmade way of life. Locally sourced food, home-brewing, and one-of-a-kind upcycled clothing are all contributing to cities and shaping local communities in ways not seen for decades.

Here in San Diego, Edison Mfg. Co is a local company that makes “handcrafted goods – one of a kind, made one at a time”. Their goods range from leather wallets to pillows and even bags and pet goods.

Items made by Edison Mfg. Co are only available in a handful of stores around San Diego (and one in North Carolina for you East Coasters), but their workshop is a sight to see. One guy – one piece of material – one of a kind.

We love following the Edison Mfg. Co Instagram for all their latest releases and events as they happen around San Diego. They just exhibited at the Inspiration Show on the Queen Mary, so we’re only expecting bigger and better things from our pals at Edison Mfg. Co. Check them out – if you haven’t already!

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