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Brian Everett / Featured Artist Q+A

March 5, 2013 / Artist At Work

Designer Brian Everett

developed his studio collection as a creative outlet for custom design, illustration, and photography. Combining different techniques such as painting, hand-drawn elements, photography, and graphic design results in his unique approach to designing wall art. Brian Everett takes modern and simple ideas and adds texture and personality.

 Wheatpaste Art CollectiveWhat’s on your To-Do list?

Brian Everett: Where to begin! I really am hoping to squeeze in more time for new artwork in general, but specifically more photographic based. Manipulated photos layered with texture are where I started getting into illustration and I want to get back in that direction. I’m also working on several lighting concepts that I have in the prototyping phase, as well as prototyping some precision milled drawer hardware. Quite an assortment of things!

WP: What artist (from any time) would you want to collaborate with?

BE: Da Vinci – hands down, don’t even have to think about it. He was someone that I read about and studied from a very early age and I always found him to be one of the most fascinating people to ever exist. He was also someone that dabbled in many different mediums, including inventing things.

WPYou’ve made rugs, jewelry, pillows, prints – what would be your “dream” project?

BE: I can’t imagine a harder question to answer. I would have to say lighting and furniture: that has been a dream of mine since college and really an ultimate goal for me I am striving for. Architecture is big influence for me (that’s why I married an architect!) so I would truly love the opportunity one day to create custom light fixtures right alongside architects for one of their projects.

WPDo you have a philosophy that you live by?

BE: Work hard, make stuff. I really think it is that simple for me. Try anything, do everything. Any experience you have in life will contribute to your career whether you realize it or not, and for me this applies to being an interdisciplinary designer. Many people out there will tell you only do one thing, focus on it and master it. I say, why not master it but do other things as well that will make you an even deeper person. It is OK to be specialized in one thing and dabble in many others, or even master multiple. There really are no rules. Tim Brown’s book “Change by Design” is a good place to start for anyone wanting to read more about these types of ideas.

WPWalk us through a day in your creative work life.

BE: I am a full time structural packaging designer for an in-house design firm that is part of a plastics manufacturer (there really needs to be some sort of acronym for that mouth full!). My day usually starts with checking in on projects and seeing what needs to get done for the day, and involves sketching/hand rendering (really another form of illustration), 3D modeling or possible 3D printing, graphic design and presentation layout. I get to travel a lot as well and visit with some pretty big brand names all around the country. If I have spare time, I catch up on design and packaging blogs as much as I can. My day can also involve, and this is important, pranking co-workers (I confetti bombed my boss the other day!) or photoshopping their heads into different images (people have quickly learned I am the Photoshop master), coffee runs, etc. You have to have fun in the design firm.

WPWhat’s your favorite thing about where you live – St. Louis?

BE: I don’t know if I can pick one thing. I love our parks here; there are so many and they are all amazing. In the warmer months I love the Tower Grove farmer’s market on the weekends, Food Truck Fridays, Muny Theater in Forest Park, and of course Cardinals games! I would say one of the most fun things I have done so far in the past couple of years are getting friends together and heading to the free Wednesday night concerts at the Botanical Gardens. You bring your own picnic with beer & wine and before you know it, you are completely surrounded by a sea of people singing, dancing and having a good time all while surrounded by these beautiful gardens.

WPWhat’s your work method? Do you prefer digital methods or creating by hand?

BE: A little of both. I grew up sketching everything in sight and was in one of the last classes in my school for Industrial Design that still did technical drawings by hand. So a part of that will never go away. But I have adapted to digital because it is easier at times. But, when it comes down to creating paint textures or hand drawn elements in illustration, the only thing that does a good job in my mind is actual paint and hand drawn elements.

WPWho are some of your favorite artists or designers?

BE: First, I’ll be cliché and say Charles and Ray Eames. Because they were amazing and there is no denying it. Beyond that, others that have contributed to inspiring me are George Nelson, Tom Dixon & Frank Chimero.

WPA lot of your work is inspired by architecture. Do you see yourself designing buildings one day?

BE: Sometimes I think I should have been an architect. I don’t think I will ever design buildings other than helping my wife design our dream house one day, but I sure do dream about them a lot! It would certainly be a dream for me to have someone contact me to collaborate on a space one day.

WPName your top 5 favorite bands.

BE: Radiohead, The Sea and Cake, Ryan Adams, Explosions in the Sky, and Led Zeppelin.

View Brian Everett’s work for Wheatpaste to see more of his designs!

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