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Top 10 Design by Humans Shirts

March 18, 2013 / Products We Love

 Top 10 Shirts from Design by Humans

We love brands that support indie artists, which means we’re totally bonkers for Design by Humans! They’re a California company (just like us) and it’s basically a platform for artists around the world (15,000 and counting) to compete for their art to get plastered on shirts and worn by rad folks all over the place.

We’ve gone through and picked our top 10 faves from Design by Humans for guys and gals alike, and it was no easy feat. Design by Humans boasts over a thousand designs from tons of awesome artists, and since the competition is ongoing, only the best and brightest survive. Here’s what we came up with!

1. Dino Frenzy

Nothing says “I’m the Boss” like a neon T-Rex splashed across your front.

2. Deep Creature

Octopii. So hot right now.

3. [ Space Cat ]

A cosmic background + a cat = 1 totally awesome design.

4. Marsupial Madness

King Kong is so yesterday!

5. Limited Edition – Bad Pet

Doo doo humor. Always funny.

6. Dr. Hoot

You don’t have to be a Dr. Who fan to be cool. Who are we kidding, yes you do!

7. Limited Edition – Day of the Dead

Psychedelic, even in death.

8. M ( O N

Experience a total eclipse of the tee.

9. Poked to Death

Nerds unite!

10. Fashionable Invaders

Again with the nerds – we’re not ashamed of it. 

Check out all the Design by Humans collection here – what are you waiting for? Make a statement today!

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