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Chop Sticks Art Show at Subtext Gallery

April 18, 2013 / Events

Neko and Persue at Subtext Gallery

Subtext Gallery is known for cutting-edge shows on the forefront of the San Diego art scene. While they often showcase artists from around the world, they never forget their roots by promoting San Diego-based artists on the regular (which makes them totally awesome in our book). With an emphasis on “contemporary, illustrative, graphic design, pop surrealist, street art, and lowbrow”, you can often find Wheatpasters at each opening – basically, we love ’em!

Their latest show is one that any self-respecting street art fan really shouldn’t miss. Neko & Persue are staples of the San Diego street art scene, and “Chop Sticks” at Subtext Gallery is the perfect chance to check out the two epic artists in one fell swoop.

Neko Burke has worked on projects from furniture to huge wall murals and everything in between. His recognizable style is gritty, geometric, and often aggressive with snarling faces and agitated patterns. Typographic art fonts often overlap weird faces and shapes to create compositions that leave you a little uncomfortable, but sure that what you’re seeing is a completely original view.

Persue a.k.a. BunnyKitty has street art murals up all over San Diego and beyond. He’s released prints, a limited edition MTN can, and even runs Home Mercantile in Encinitas and North Park. His iconic BunnyKitty character has been a staple in street art for years, always popping up where you’d least expect it.

If you’re familiar with San Diego street art, you’ve seen their work. And if you don’t follow the scene, you’ve still seen their work.” Subtext Gallery hits the nail right on the head – the show closes April 26, so there’s just over a week to head down to Subtext Gallery to check out this extremely, extremely rad show. Don’t let Chop Sticks at Subtext Gallery pass you by without at least a peek!

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