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Fourth of July Party Ideas

June 20, 2013 / Events, Products We Love

Want to host the most epic Fourth of July party ever this year? Wheatpaste can help!

Whether you’re going for an intimate Fourth of July party with a few friends (and fireworks) or a blowout bonanza block party, there’s a few ways to ensure that your Fourth of July party is the one to beat this year. We have gathered a few ideas together and we think you’ll be simply sparkling with enthusiasm!

Fourth of July party ideas from Wheatpaste Art Collective


5. Decorations

You just can’t be skimpin’ when it comes to Fourth of July party decorations. Sure, you could always go for the traditional red, white, and blue napkins/cups/plates, but why not go a little DIY? These wrapped and painted recycled toilet paper rolls are a fun (and cheap!) way to quickly personalize your Fourth of July party decor. You can of course always consider a more permanent piece from Wheatpaste to stay patriotic all year round – we recommend License Plate Liberty Flag by Aaron Foster for those feeling particularly American!

4. Drinks

It’s never a bad idea to have a few options for guests of all ages. Southern Living has a few kid-friendly recipes as well as, shall we say adult beverages? If you’re feeling especially festive, try pairing the drinks with a layered dessert featuring red, white, and blue! And that brings us to our next tip…

3. Food!

Nothing says SUMMER has arrived like hot dogs! Party City has a ridiculously adorable set-up for a “hot dog station”, which let’s face it – adults will love as much as kids. The grill is going to be your best friend for any Fourth of July party. Need something kid-friendly? Opt for store-bought hot dogs and burgers to please everyone. However, if you seek more elegant cuisine, we recommend slow-cooked BBQ that will leaving you sighing for more.

2. Activities

Fourth of July party ideas rarely take into consideration the weather. Unless you’re fortunate to have or know someone with a pool, most watering holes will be too crowded for any sane family. However, what’s stopping you from making your very own pool party? Try snagging a few kiddie pools for your yard! It’ll be easy to beat the heat on the cheap with a few of these. You can even make your Fourth of July party BYOP – bring your own pool!

And finally…!

1. Fireworks

No Fourth of July party is complete without some form of fireworks. Sparklers are universal crowd-pleasers, and while your neighborhood fire department may not appreciate you shooting some massive rockets into the sky, there are plenty of safe and fun options for fireworks at home. Or, opt for the best show of all – your local fireworks display! Check your local paper for locations and times so you won’t miss the show.

We hope that your Fourth of July party is a huge success! If you’re feeling particularly proud of your get-together, email pics to and we’ll put them up on Facebook with a shoutout. Happy Independence Day!

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