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How To Decorate a Teen Girl Room

August 15, 2013 / Products We Love

Decorate a Teen Girl Room in Style

When it comes to picking out unique decor for teens, it can be a surprising challenge. With a plethora of art for kids available, and plenty of contemporary art styles for elevated decor, it can seem like that awkward age of tween/teen gets forgotten!

Never fear. Wheatpaste Art Collective was born to help you find awesome teenage room decor to fit that awkward gap. Today we’re going to decorate a teen girl room that’s chic, stylish, unique, and totally doable on a budget!

How to decorate a teen girl room | Wheatpaste Art Collective

1. Milten Loafer from Nordstrom

Sweet sassy molassey! This loafer lineup spells style in a major way. From casual to chic, teen girls will love adding this style staple to their wardrobes without sacrificing comfort.

2. Chevron Rug in Pool by PBTeen

While paint colors may dictate how you decorate a teen girl room, you simply can’t neglect the floor! Available in 3 sizes, this graphic rugs adds zig and major zag to your teenage girl room decor.

3. Besties wall art by Izak Zenou from Wheatpaste Art Collective

As one of the world’s most renowned fashion illustrators, art by Izak Zenou remains popular with fashion-forward gals of all ages. Bring Big Apple glamour to your walls – perfect if you hope to decorate a teen girl room full of couture! Available as Canvas Wall Art as well as stickable Poster Decals.

4. Fantasia wall art by Lisa Chow from Wheatpaste Art Collective

Sweet and fantasmagorical, this imaginative wall art by Lisa Chow is also available as Canvas Wall Art as well as stickable Poster Decals. With fluttering butterflies, shooting stars, and hearts galore, you’ll be able to illustrate your walls with fantasy in a snap.

5. Madeline Chair by Urban Outfitters

Comfort doesn’t always necessarily mean style, but luckily Urban Outfitters knows how to mix the two! This mid-century inspired chair is perfect accessory to decorate a teen girl room. Plus, it’s available in 8 colors to perfectly complement your room decor.

6. I Heart Books wall art by Susana Parada from Wheatpaste Art Collective

In the words of Ashton Kutcher, being smart is the ultimate in being sexy. Flaunt your brains with bibliophilic wall art by Susana Parada! Available as Canvas Wall Art and stickable Poster Decals.

7. Friendship quote tank by Delia*s

Keep your friends close with this amazing tank top from Delia*s. The cut is cute, the color looks good on absolutely everyone, and why not spread a little love around the world with inspirational words everywhere you go? Besides, you can’t decorate a teen girl room without adding the most important element – you!

Find more teen canvas prints for girls and room decor ideas from Wheatpaste to decorate a teen girl room that is as unique as you are!

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