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Going Green – 5 Easy Ways For The Whole Family

September 5, 2013 / Uncategorized

When you hear the term “going green” it doesn’t just mean turning off the lights or water when you’re not using them … those things are important though! They are great ways to save energy and conserve resources, but going green is about much more than that – and it’s really good for you!

Going green leads to a healthier lifestyle and a cleaner environment, plus, it saves you money and is important for your children’s futures too. There are so many ways we can contribute, with very little time and effort!

That’s why Wheatpaste has put together a list of 5 simple ways your family can be a part of the solution and GO GREEN:  


Okay, this is by far the most well-known way to be environmentally-friendly and yet, an estimated ¼ of Americans don’t recycle! There are so many reasons to recycle and we can ALL make a difference … a little recycling can be a BIG help!

Why should you recycle?

Not only does recycling Save Energy, Reduce Landfills, Preserve our Resources, and Protect our Wildlife … it is Good for the Economy and Helps our Climate Problems too!

Did you know?

If every American recycled just 1/10 of their newspapers, we could save about 25 MILLION trees each year!

NOW’s the time – know the facts and get inspired to do something today!

It will be good for you, trust us. And future generations will thank you.


What is compost?

Compost is made up of decomposed organic material. It’s great for improving the soil in your garden and it helps the environment too!

Here’s the basic idea behind compost …

Instead of just throwing away and wasting things like grass clippings, weeds, leftover fruit, and kitchen scraps – you can literally “turn” them into something useful and help minimize the amount of trash being dumped back into the environment!

Despite what you may have heard about composting, it’s a lot easier than you think. We can even do it from our own backyards!

Get the 411 on compost – how to start your own, the uses and benefits, and everything in between!

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Shopping local is probably the easiest way to go green, and definitely one of the most important. You have to go shopping anyway, right? Just choose locally owned businesses instead of big corporations for your shopping needs … and that’s all there is to it!

Supporting locally owned businesses benefits you, your community, the environment, and the economy in more ways than one.

So see what stores are locally owned in your area and get shopping!

  4.   CSA – ALL THE WAY

What is CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture – a concept that has become increasingly popular over the past 25 years or so, and with good reason!

CSA is a super smart way to buy fresh, seasonal food AND support your local farmers.

Produce is most commonly offered by CSAs, but that’s not the only thing available! Some farmers include other options, such as:

• Eggs

• Homemade Bread

• Meat

• Cheese

• Fruit

• Flowers

It’s a win-win for everyone involved! And it’s easy! You can sign-up online in just a few clicks to get the freshest foods and most vitamin-rich produce for you and your family.

Search and sign-up for a CSA near you, or find and visit your local farmer’s market to show your support.


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Ohhh saaaay caaan yooou seeeeee…!
(I won’t sing the whole song for you, but you get the point.)

We LOVE America!!! 

And one way you can help support America is by buying products that are Made in America!

When you buy American-made products, you are not only giving back to a country that stands for freedom – you are helping America’s economy grow.

There are so many reasons to buy American and tons of ways it can benefit you!

That’s why Wheatpaste Art Collective is the perfect way for you and your family to show support and start going green together! 

Each piece of art is custom made-to-order, printed in the United States, and hand stretched in our San Diego studios. All of our products are eco-friendly and made with high-quality, non-toxic ink to ensure they are safe for your entire family.

From canvas wall art, to wall decals, to wall murals – we’ve got everything you need to do some serious decorating … we even give you teen decor ideas to help get you started! So go pick out your favorites and start going green today!

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